Foundations of Political Theory

2nd year, Western University [Summer Syllabus] [Regular Syllabus]
Summer 2022 (sole instructor)
Fall 2021 (co-instructor w/ Elizabeth Finneron-Burns)
Fall 2020, Fall 2022 (TA)

This course is an introduction to the study of political theory. We will address several big questions: (i) what is the purpose of the state? (ii) what does it mean to be free and what are the limits of liberty? (iii) what is equality and should we pursue it? (iv) what is justice and how is it best achieved? The focus will be on developing an understanding of the different answers to these questions, but also how to develop your own views of these matters: what do you think and, more importantly why? The emphasis throughout the course will be on critical review of the arguments provided in the readings and lectures.

Issues in Contemporary Political Theory

2nd year, Western University [Syllabus]
Winter 2022 (TA)
Winter 2021 (TA)

This course takes the foundational concepts you learned in Foundations of Political Theory and applies them to relevant contemporary political issues such as multiculturalism, race and gender, global justice, climate change, and immigration, to name just a few.

Introduction to Political Theory [History of Political Thought]

2nd year, Western University [Syllabus]
Fall/Winter 2018-2019 (TA)
Fall/Winter 2017-2018 (TA)

To properly study politics one must think theoretically. In this course we will examine a number of well-known political ideas (the good life, legitimacy, contract theory, revolution, civil disobedience, just war, the state, justice, and more) by considering how they are articulated be a selection of historically prominent political theorists.